Amélie Cambriel, MDPostdoctoral fellow, Anesthesiology, perioperative & pain medicine

    I graduated from the medical school of the University of Paris, France with a specialization in Intensive Care, Anesthesiology, and Perioperative Medicine. Throughout my medical training, I have been deeply influenced by Hippocrates’ “First do no harm” motto, which has always motivated me to prioritize the needs of my patients. As a result, I focused my MD thesis on the implementation of advance directives in France, considering both the patients’ and physicians’ perspectives.

    Improving our understanding of the onset of postoperative complications is critical in providing personalized care to each individual patient. Therefore, I am thrilled to have joined the Gaudilliere lab and to work on this important area that will enhance patients’ care and outcomes. My primary focus will be on exploring the epigenetic determinants of surgical site infection.

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